Fight Against Gun Violence


Bishop Harding Smith meeting with St Paul Mayor Coleman and Heather Matens was no coincidence. For the past 10 years, the plagues of firearms that have caused havoc in destroying lives impacting so many families have propelled Bishop Harding Smith in many directions. The CEO of MAN has been taking a proactive approach to address the issue of crime and violence. MAN has collaboration with many efforts design to bring to light the real opportunity to help control the ownership of guns. Background check is one of the ways to ensure that guns are kept out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. In fact, the desire to push for such enforcement crosses the political spectrum because there are no distinctions as to who will victim to its use. As a result, Republican lawmakers who traditionally have tried to block gun control initiatives have now agreed to a bi-partisan deal. “The worst tragedy since 9/11 is not Benghazi. The worst tragedy since 9/11 is Sandy Hook.” Said Bishop Harding Smith, in reference to the gun killing at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.